Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Shuffling Of the Agents

For those involved in the residential real estate industry. Taxes owed, the dropping of franchises, etcetera have caused many of Chicago’s top real estate agents to speak with other top brokerages in the city. This has been the same with my own company, formerly Sudler | Sotheby’s International Realy and now simply Sudler. As a result, you will soon begin seeing signs reading Jameson | Sotheby’s International Realty (that doesn’t sound right to me, yet). Sudler is about to undergo a transition similar to the Chicago Bulls in the late 90s when Michael Jordon, Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson, and company left the windy city. The exodus has already begun, but it is far from finished. I personally will be making a decision either this weekend or sometime next week. I’m certainly ready to make a decision, because I’m so annoyed by the couple phone calls per day from other firm’s managing brokers who want to take you out to lunch to listen to what they can offer you and to consider their company.

For those of you not in the industry, you may be wondering what this means to your realtor? The answer is very little as long as they’re moving to another top company. A good agent is certainly not defined by his or her brokerage. However, the company will determine how good of tools the agent has. For me our affiliation with Sotheby’s has brought a great amount of international exposure to my luxury listings. This is something that no other company can offer, and is my primary factor for considering other companies.

Alright I’m off to meet a client. My clients don’t care if I move somewhere else as long as I keep serving them well.

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